3 Types Of Art Worth Collecting For Your Home

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Going to an art shop like Gallery Phillip gives you access to many different styles of beautiful works that would look lovely in your home. If you can't decide between a modern still life, a whimsical watercolor, or a bold oil painting, then you can feel overwhelmed by your options. Not only are there wonderful paintings and photographs to choose from, but often statues and figures as well. When it comes to choosing art in an art shop, here are 3 types worth collecting for your home.

Aboriginal art

What makes Aboriginal art so whimsical and amazing besides its bold patterns and vivid hues is that each piece is likely to tell a story. The Aboriginal tribes of Australia use their art form (notable by the many tiny dots that make up the whole image) to educate their youth and tell the story of when they believe the world was created. Thus, each piece is likely to contain whorls and swirls of bright color and native animal imagery that is delightful for display in the home.

Original Aboriginal art was created on bark, but this style has faded over time. You can find this kind of colorful work on canvas and even in statues or figurines.

Folk art

Folk art is all about a nearly childlike creativity, using dramatic shapes and vivid hues to create whimsical creatures and landscapes. Originating as a style of art by peasants, folk art is a wonderful type of art to collect because pieces vary in design from country to country, and even from artist to artist, and each style lends to an innocent flair and dreamlike quality that brings serenity to the home. Folk art can be found on a variety of mediums, from rugs to watercolor painting, and more.

Abstract art

If you are more entertained by the brush stroke than you are the final work of art, or if you want a piece that can be interpreted in many ways, consider abstract art for your home's collection. Abstract art follows its own rules for definition and interpretation and can be expressed in a variety of ways. From simple lines to bold blocks of color to almost imperceptible interpretations of people and landscapes, abstract art is popular because it carries so many meanings in one work of art, all of which can be considered correct.

When you visit your local art shop to add pieces to your home, consider adding Aboriginal, folk, or even abstract styles to your collection. You will love the beautiful hues, variety of styles from different artists, and the stories each work can ultimately carry.


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