Art Collections: In-Person Vs Online Buying

Posted on: 6 November 2020

Although art collecting may be viewed as an activity for those who can afford it, there are ways that the everyday person can get involved. If someone wants to beautify their space, create a small gallery, or diversify their investment portfolio, there are places to find art that qualify for those given purposes. Once you have done your research and decide you want to build an art collection, it is time to decide what will be a convenient marketplace for you: online or in-person. Both mediums have their benefits and disadvantages, but choosing to focus on one makes the search slightly less overwhelming. 


In-person art collection buying involves places that a person would have to physically go to purchase art. These spaces include galleries, art festivals and fairs, auctions, or any other event where art is tangibly available for view. The great thing about going in-person is the ability to see the art up-close. Every stroke, texture, color, and material is visible for you to observe and experience closely. You can read a brief description that accompanies the art, and you may even get a chance to talk to an art expert or the artist if they are present. However, the amount of information you receive about the art piece can be limited to the brief information card on display next to it, especially when the artist or art expert is not present. Also, there can be hidden costs to purchasing in a gallery or an auction besides paying for the piece itself. Displaying an art piece with special lighting, in a desirable venue, and with a comfortable experience for those who visit has a cost that can be passed on to the consumer to pay.


Online art buying can eliminate these extra costs. Showing an image on a website or in a web application costs less than providing sustainable lighting to protect the integrity of art pieces made of light-sensitive materials. A lot more information can be included on a website to accompany a piece as well, which can help a consumer think through their decision and easily compare pieces side by side. Unfortunately, many take advantage of the openness of online spaces and could be selling a counterfeit art piece for excessive amounts of money. The website might not even have art to sell and could be a scam. In-person conversation with the artist and an art expert is lost as well.

Contact an art collection provider for more information. 


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