Three Themes That Are Popular In New Jersey Art

Posted on: 20 January 2022

If you have a significant connection to the state of New Jersey — perhaps because you were born there, lived there at one point in your life, or even just visited and really enjoyed it — you may wish to add one or more pieces of original New Jersey-themed art to your home. Doing so can help you fondly recall your time spent in the state, especially if you find a piece of art that depicts a place that you visited. When you shop for New Jersey art, you'll see a wide range of pieces — including lots of options that fit into a few different themes. Here are three themes that are popular in New Jersey art.

Boardwalk And Beach

While some people think of Florida and Los Angeles when they consider states that are known for their beaches, anyone who has spent time in New Jersey knows that this state's beach scene is a vibrant one. In particular, you might have a fondness for the beaches of Atlantic City, which you'll often find represented in various types of art. Many of these pieces of art also picture the famous boardwalk that runs close to the beach in Atlantic City. A selection of amusement park rides and games are fixtures on the boardwalk, and you'll often find these colorful, vibrant scenes depicted in pieces of art.


Anyone with a familiarity of New Jersey will tell you that the state's diners are a key part of the culture, with people enjoying morning visits before work, late-night stops with groups of friends, and more. As such, you won't have to look too hard to find artwork that features the state's diners. If you enjoy nighttime scenes, look for a painting that depicts a diner at night with the welcoming glow of its neon signs.

Working Class Scenes

For many people, New Jersey has a working-class reputation. You'll often see this concept come through in art that focuses on the state. Pieces of art that depict factories, warehouses, and people hard at work are all easy to find. This type of art can carry a special significance if it pertains to your life. For example, if you have a parent who worked in a factory, a painting of a factory scene can be something special to hang in your home.

Visit a website or gallery that features original New Jersey art to browse pieces with these and other themes.


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