• Art Collections: In-Person Vs Online Buying

    Although art collecting may be viewed as an activity for those who can afford it, there are ways that the everyday person can get involved. If someone wants to beautify their space, create a small gallery, or diversify their investment portfolio, there are places to find art that qualify for those given purposes. Once you have done your research and decide you want to build an art collection, it is time to decide what will be a convenient marketplace for you: online or in-person.
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  • Add Southwestern Flair To Your Sunroom

    A natural desert landscape that features low-water plants and a few adobe-covered structures in the distance that are located along a railway that leads to the foot of a majestic mountain range may be the type of scenery that you fondly remember from your last trip to a Southwestern ranch retreat. If you are going to have a sunroom added to your residence and want to grow a collection of plants that are native to the Southwest, add some artistic touches to the sunroom that will amplify your design style.
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  • Sell Or Store: When Is It Time To Let Go Of That Tiffany Window?

    To find yourself in possession of a classic Tiffany stained glass window is an amazing discovery. These windows are in high demand and command a lot of money, especially for bigger windows or more intricate designs. You can sell these windows to antique buyers if you want, but the decision isn't always easy. There are four reasons why you should try to sell the window instead of hanging onto something so beautiful.
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