Sell Or Store: When Is It Time To Let Go Of That Tiffany Window?

Posted on: 24 March 2020

To find yourself in possession of a classic Tiffany stained glass window is an amazing discovery. These windows are in high demand and command a lot of money, especially for bigger windows or more intricate designs. You can sell these windows to antique buyers if you want, but the decision isn't always easy. There are four reasons why you should try to sell the window instead of hanging onto something so beautiful. One is simply that you want to sell it, and the other three range from the obvious to reasons you might not have thought about.

Financial Reasons (the Obvious)

Those windows can command prices in the five-figure range. If you need money or simply want more cash, selling a Tiffany window to an antique buyer can get you a fast financial boost. Do check antique guides and have the window appraised -- and then get rough prices from several buyers -- to ensure you're getting a fair price. Also check about pickup or delivery; if the window is too large to fit in your car, you'll need to find a buyer who can get it from you.

Decluttering (the Not-So-Obvious)

Assuming the window isn't actually in your wall and is just sitting in your closet or garage, you may want to sell it as part of decluttering. The idea of decluttering tends not to be at the front of people's minds when it comes to something so valuable; instead, people tend to hang onto really valuable things because they may come in handy later on if a need for money pops up. However, if you suddenly find yourself needing money badly, selling the window is going to be a rushed procedure. If you don't need the window and have no plans to install it, sell it and sock the money away in a high-interest account or certificate of deposit.

Safety (the Nonintuitive)

Let's say you're not concerned about money and still aren't sure what you'll do with the window. Consider safety next -- the window can break, especially if you live in a quake zone. That loose, old window sitting in your garage can send shards scattering across the garage floor. Even if you have it wrapped up well, it's yet another heavy item taking up space in your home. An old window stored in the back of your garage might not seem like a safety issue, but it is. If you're not going to do anything with the window (in terms of displaying it), then it's time to let it go and avoid potential problems.

After you hear a few bids, you'll get a good sense of what price you should be asking for the window. A Tiffany stained glass window buyer can give you an idea of what each buyer looks for in these windows.


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