Investing In New Art Pieces? How To Care For Your Metallic Prints

Posted on: 28 April 2022

If you're tired of investing in standard photographic prints, and you're ready for something with a bit more edge, it's time to invest in metallic prints. Metallic prints are modern art pieces that are printed onto aluminum panels. One of the great things about metallic prints is that they come in a variety of designs. In fact, you can invest in custom prints, which allow you to select a design of your choosing. If you're going to invest in metallic prints, you need to ensure proper care and handling. Here are some simple tips that will help you protect your art pieces. 

Ensure Proper Cleaning

Metallic prints are an excellent addition to any art collection. With the right care, your metallic prints will remain beautiful for years to come. However, the proper care should start with the proper cleaning method. Unlike some art pieces, metallic prints can be wiped down to remove dirt, dust, and the occasional fingerprint. To remove dust, use a soft, microfiber cloth. To remove dirt and fingerprints, apply a light spray of glass cleaner, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you're like most people, you might think that your metallic prints can be displayed anywhere, including outdoors. However, that's not the case. Metallic prints can be harmed by prolonged exposure to inclement weather, especially direct sunlight. To protect beauty and clarity, never display your metallic prints outdoors or in extreme temperature conditions. It's also important that you protect your metallic prints against exposure to direct sunlight, as direct sunlight can increase the risk of fading. 

Prevent Scratches

If you've invested in metallic prints, you want to protect your investment against scratches. One way to prevent scratches is to always use a soft cloth when dusting your prints. For maximum protection, inspect your dusting cloths for any type of debris that might cause scratches. Another way to protect your metallic prints against scratches is to apply a protective coating to the surface. Protective coating helps to prevent surface scratches and sun damage. 

Transport Safely

When it comes to protecting your metallic prints, you want to take special care during transport. To protect your metallic prints, you should never stack them without proper protection. Before stacking, place each metallic print inside protective poly sleeves. You can also place sheets of bubble wrap between each layer of metallic prints. This step will help to prevent damage during transport.


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