Add Southwestern Flair To Your Sunroom

Posted on: 22 July 2020

A natural desert landscape that features low-water plants and a few adobe-covered structures in the distance that are located along a railway that leads to the foot of a majestic mountain range may be the type of scenery that you fondly remember from your last trip to a Southwestern ranch retreat. If you are going to have a sunroom added to your residence and want to grow a collection of plants that are native to the Southwest, add some artistic touches to the sunroom that will amplify your design style.

Use A Southwestern Landscape As The Focal Point

Your residence may feature a collection of period furnishings and decor that make you feel as if you have walked into a particular setting that is symbolic of your past travels. For instance, if seascapes adorn your bathroom walls and ocean-themed figurines are laid out along the countertop, you may reminisce about your last sea voyage. Use the same decorating strategy when adding a Southwestern aura to the sunroom.

At an art gallery, you can view modern or classic paintings that were created by artists who currently live or have lived in the region that you want to showcase. Use your proposed plant display to guide you in choosing a setting that is symbolic of the plant life that you plan on showcasing. You may even be able to locate a painting that features a landscape that is similar to the one that you experienced in your travels.

Have A Painting Custom-Framed And Highlighted

Art galleries and private dealers may feature a wall of art that is individually framed. If you are buying from a business that has a large line of paintings and prints, some of the items may be unframed, which will allow a client to choose the exact type of setting that a piece of artwork will be encased in. If you choose a landscape painting that features vibrant colors of acrylic paint, a wooden frame that is an earthy tone will complement the picture and will not take away from the visual masterpiece.

For a watercolor painting that uses subdued tones, choose a metallic frame or one that is constructed of brass, to add an interesting border around the artwork. Use planters or shelving to display the cactuses and other plant life that you have chosen to grow inside of the sunroom. Suspend the Southwestern painting behind the plant display, ensuring that the painting is several feet above the display and will be at eye level. Install a light bar or drop lighting so that the painting and plants can be enjoyed long after the sun sets.

For more information about southwestern landscape paintings for sale, contact a local art gallery.


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